Emigrating as a teen from Brazil to the United States, he soon found his calling as a street artist while living in New York.

Rachel Harris is an abstract expressionist based in Los Angeles. The graduate of FIDM and the California College of the Arts might only be in her mid 20's, but her curriculum vitae includes a number of impressive benchmarks including

Mosher utilizes smaller distinct color palettes, heavy with teals and purples that give his work a signiature look. The subject matter is typically comic book-esque in nature, equal parts silly and sincere.

London based artist and model Lillie Bernie is part of a new class of female artists paving amazing breakthroughs into the art world. 

Growing up Paul's playgrounds were abandoned buildings and concrete lots, finding natural beauty in Chicago's industrial aesthetics at a young age. 

Born in Pittsburgh and based in Chicago, Hungerman's rise through the emerging art world has been laden with challenges, successes, and a surplus of interesting stories.