Mosher utilizes smaller distinct color palettes, heavy with teals and purples that give his work a signiature look. The subject matter is typically comic book-esque in nature, equal parts silly and sincere.

London based artist and model Lillie Bernie is part of a new class of female artists paving amazing breakthroughs into the art world. 

Growing up Paul's playgrounds were abandoned buildings and concrete lots, finding natural beauty in Chicago's industrial aesthetics at a young age. 

Born in Pittsburgh and based in Chicago, Hungerman's rise through the emerging art world has been laden with challenges, successes, and a surplus of interesting stories.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Kalan's unique upbringing through Hollywood & the abstract entertainment industry has an apparent influence in his style and perception of subject matter.

Micro design spectacles become compositional elements of a much larger artwork, Lefty's ability to paint each portion in context of the whole is what commands attention.

Seek One blends photography and graffiti in a mixed media style deriving influence from iconic symbolism and pop culture.