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710 Labs X This Is Addictive

710 Labs X This Is Addictive


Mixed Media Artist
Daniel Cohen is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work depicts an oft tongue-in-cheek commentary on American youth culture. Cohen’s mixed media approach combines painting, wood, acrylic, metal work, graphic design and digital art. Daniel’s craft and attention to detail have begun to amass a global audience of interested fans and collectors, including some big names like Ashton Kutcher, the Getty family private collection, Dana White and even Wiz Khalifa. You may be familiar with some of his past series of works, including.
- Periodic Table of Drugs
- Periodic Table of Addiction
- Limited Edition Sculptures
Recently, Daniel has collaborated with California’s premier concentrates co, 710 labs. See more photos of the event, and catch up with Daniel, in our interview with the artist below

Feeny’s Photos

During our studio visit, the Feeny pieces, a series of contemporary photo collaborations depicting film and photography as large-scale sculptural works, caught the light and I couldn’t take my eye off them. The name “Feeny’s photos” is an homage to Daniel’s grandparents’ original vision & passion for photography. A quick summary of the Feeny Legacy below:

- 1982 - Daniel Allen Cohen’s grandparents, Marcel and Feeny Verdooner, open Feeny’s Photo, a visionary photo lab in Northridge, California.
- 1994 - The Northridge Earthquake put an abrupt halt on the business, and it has since been closed.
- 2019 - Inspired by his grandparents’ beloved business, Daniel Cohen set out to create an intimate project bringing photography back to its physical roots while preserving his family’s legacy. What emerged from Cohen’s inspiration is the reopening of Feeny’s Photo after 25 years.


The 710 x This Is Addictive release was a one of a kind night hosted by Daniel, tucked away at his studio in Los Angeles. The event was complete with a gourmet grilled cheese trucks, full service dab-bars upon entry (equipped with $50K dab rigs), wall to wall art installations and a lab assistant catering staff dawning full length medical coats serving classic cocktails, joints, and an assortment of candy in the form of drug paraphanalia. Along with the pleasure of eating/drinking & smoking in the company of some of the most creative minds Los Angeles has to offer, (I’m pretty positive I saw Jaleel White looking like a streetwear god in my peripheral) the event was wildly fun & a successful collaboration showcase. Two Key Takeaways from the night:
1. If you need great art - go to Daniel
2. If you need great weed - go to 710


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