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Artist Spotlight - Kalan Strauss

Artist Spotlight - Kalan Strauss-occi-park


read our interview with kalan here

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Kalan's unique upbringing through Hollywood & the abstract entertainment industry has an apparent influence in his style and perception of subject matter. A few of his recurring motifs include focusing on the dynamics of the American dream, advertising in art, and a meticulous use of colors and shapes that garner attention from distance. Creating stunningly immersive false realities, Kalan provides deeply complex & whimsical escapes for his audience.


The Channel Displaced series is one of my favorites by the artist, focusing on exploring perception & the differences in perception. Diverging different principles among large groups of people, finding similarities and differences and then converging them all into one piece. While Kalan remains busy creating original works, we'd also suggest taking a look at his activations with iconic companies and art legends like the B-Line Mural with Felipe Pantone. Creating original murals for Uber, or creating a Nike workshop lab for the public.


Kalan is currently studying fine art at the Art Institute of Chicago where he experiments with additional mediums, including neon, sculpture, and CGI to name a few. Kalan’s priorities remain progressing his craft to new levels while focusing on the future. Our interview with the artist will be available tomorrow 8/16. 

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