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Jessie Andrews opens Tase Gallery on Melrose

Jessie Andrews opens Tase Gallery on Melrose

Tucked into a quiet corner on Melrose, the LA-based Tase Gallery blends art exhibition and retail in a comfortable surrounding.  

Tase is both an art community and retail space created by Jessie Andrews. At only 28, Jessie is a seasoned creative director, model, and entrepreneur who owns and operates a number of relevant brands in the millennial fashion zeitgeist. Including:


Bagatiba, a jewelry line specializing in hand crafted essentials made ethically, responsibly and sustainably.

Jueillimite, a ready-to-wear line inspired by art and culture, galvanized by French fashion and architecture.

Basic Swim, a swimwear brand offering a collection of attainable key cuts and colors that are easily mixed and matched


O-Park visited Tase by appointment during it's opening week (now fully open to the public) and we were fortunate enough to speak to Jessie. During what was an undoubtedly a hectic work day, she took the time to shed some insight into her thought process for the new gallery and its current exhibitions. 


Some take-aways from our conversation:


Tase operates with a rotation of artists and retail options. Much like a Dover Street Market concept with a more nuanced focus on art and decor.

Jessie makes her showcased artists a priority. Tase takes a more hands on approach than a traditional Gallery to ensure their artists exhibition is more immersive and ultimately successful.

Medium is not so important. If you make hand-sculpted lamps, that might catch her eye. Furniture? You bet. More traditional canvas works will certainly be in rotation at Tase, but the more pivotal element is capturing an essence that works with the galleries atmosphere.

Furniture is a staple, specifically chairs. 


    One of the first things you'll notice when entering Tase is a selection of hand made or vintage chairs strategically scattered along the walls and offices. (USM Haller, Wassily Chairs, Hans Wegner Flag Chair, Poul Kjaerholm chairs and custom design desk & tables.) Mid conversation Jessie even had to step outside to receive a shipment of new chairs. 

    “I’m excited to show people a physical space that I live in, in my head. You can walk up and come in. It’s clean and minimal, but cozy and welcoming, Everything from the art, the furniture, our workflow and energy all coexist. At Tase, the meaning behind everything I do gets to come to life in a way the Internet could never experience.” - Jessie Andrews 


    Experiential Gallery

    Next to a chair perched in one corner of the gallery floor is a pillar of books with pens and bookmarks, encouraging guests to read chapters and leave notes. Right beside is a copy machine to scan images of your hands wearing the most recent Bagatiba jewelry release. 

    At a time when physical retail has been turned upside down, the experiential elements that Tase presented brought a wave of refreshing feelings. Accompanied by a quaint outside patio suited for intimate dinners and events. 



    Schedule a visit 

    The gallery is now open to the public and houses a strong upcoming lineup of artists and installations. Including notable creatives like Ganna Bogdan and Hugo Comte. Hugo's show started on February 25 and goes through March 3rd.
    View Hugo Comte's new book release at Tase Here
    (Edit release has sold out, follow Tase for next release)

    Tase Gallery
    8323 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90069


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