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Artist Spotlight - Lillie Bernie

ARTIST  - Lillie Bernie  

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London based artist and model Lillie Bernie is part of a new class of female artists paving amazing breakthroughs into the art world. Long before picking up a brush Lillie was scouted to begin a modeling career which flourished into supporting herself through university where she studied broadcast journalism. It was during the long nights buried in books where she determined that her true passions lay in more creative endeavors. With the support of friend, family, and inspiration from a recent run of paintings she sold on instagram, Lillie made the commitment to model and paint full time.

(Read the interview tomorrow where we talk with Lillie about those first inspirations and steps into joining the art world.)



Lillie takes a strong interest in one’s ability to take charge of their emotions and disengage from ones sometimes negative environment that can lead to a confused existence. Each work acts as a medium of expression focusing on the sense of ‘completeness’ in human ideals. This in particular is why many of Lillie’s early works incorporate a circle as a recurring motif.


Dialectical dispositions, selfishness and selflessness, fear and bravery, apathy and concern.

Each work is a visual reminder to look outside of ourselves and pursue intentions that make us whole. Lillie inspirations derive from interactions and challenging personal anecdotes in life. She has a unique ability to capture the consequent feelings and emotions through bold use of colors and texture, it’s one of the reasons she prioritizes travel and new experiences.


Having completed successful exhibitions in premier art galleries from London to Dubai, Lillie’s gallery and online presence has grown steadily in recent years. This is a testament to the quality of her work and tenacity in the industry. Lillie will be the first to tell you that entering the art world as a model had it’s challenges with regards to new galleries and audiences showing deserved credibility, but the dedication to craft and works on canvas speak for themselves.

Today Lillie continues to model and paint, both careers intertwined and complimentary allowing her the freedoms to travel while dictating the course of future business. We worked with Lillie on a brand new collection of artwork ready-wear that’s available for pre-order right now with Password “FREEDOM”. Shop HERE.

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