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Interview - Mosher

Interview - Mosher-occi-park

A conversation with - Mosher Show 

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OCCI - Your originally from Florida, what made you make the leap to Chicago?

MOSHER - I came to Chicago for a change. There wasn’t much of an art scene where I was in Florida. I have family in Michigan so I had visited the city a couple times before and really enjoyed it.

OCCI -“Loves Beers Hates Careers” is a hilarious moniker you’ve been able to successfully embody, have you ever had a crappy odd-job or career path prior to being artist you can tell us about?

MOSHER - Before becoming an artist I had a lot of different jobs. Mainly working in restaurants but it was never something I was very passionate about. Also, I was a lousy cook.

OCCI - You’re a regular at mural festivals. What does your mindset look like going into one of these competitions? What makes a great muralist?

MOSHER - Mural festivals aren’t exactly competitive by nature. Although working around so many talented artists, some of whom I greatly admire, it does inspire me to really push myself to try and make the most dynamic work possible. In that sense, I’d say what makes a great muralist is someone whose dedication to the craft is celebrated by their peers. However, it can’t be said enough that as a public artist its the opinions of the average person on the street that really matters.  

OCCI - Does the iconic monkey character have a name? Can you tell me about when you first started painting him?

MOSHER - I’ve been drawing that character since high school and he’s had a few different names. Most recently he’s been known by the moniker, Dipso, which is actually an antiquated term for an alcoholic.

OCCI - What’s the most interesting commission you’ve been asked to paint before?

MOSHER - Working on this clothing line has certainly been interesting. In fact I’ve been asked to paint on hats, jackets, shoes and all manner of weird objects. It always presents itself as a unique challenge as opposed to painting on a flat surface such as a canvas.

OCCI - If you could paint on any surface in the world, what would it be?

MOSHER - I think the White House could use a little color.

OCCI - You’re a self taught artist – what advice would you give to new artists who are looking to go the same route.

MOSHER - It’s definitely good to experiment with different styles and mediums but also when you find something you’re comfortable with really dive in. Once you do something long enough by the time it comes naturally to you, you’ll find you’ve developed your own style.

OCCI - What’s a typical weekend look like for Mosher?

MOSHER - Usually my weekends are just like my weekdays. Generally they consist of me painting or drawing. Though, I’m very fortunate that some days I can choose to simply stare into space for hours in between taking naps.

OCCI - What’s an activity or hobby outside of art that keeps you focused in your career?

MOSHER - I really don’t have many hobbies outside of art except maybe just going for walks and listening to music. I should probably take up bowling or something to make myself seem a little more well rounded.

OCCI - What’s one studio necessity you never start a session without? 

MOSHER - Silence is a necessity for me when starting any project. Usually the most focused energy I put into any piece is the initial idea and sketch. It helps then if I can avoid the distraction of music, podcasts, or television.

OCCI - You get to pick 1 superpower, what is it and why? 

MOSHER - I love to travel but I hate to fly. Hands down, if I could pick one super power it would be teleportation. It’d also be great for sneaking out of parties without having to say goodbye.

OCCI - Where can fans / audiences see your work this year? 

MOSHER - I have a solo show in Chicago on November 15th called ‘Care Free but Anxious’. Everyone’s welcome to follow along on Instagram for further details at @MosherShow.

I’ll also be painting at Art Basel in Miami this December with the aWall Mural Project. They’re on Instagram at @awallmuralprojects.

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