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Artist Spotlight - Mosher


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“Loves Beers, Hates Careers”

Chicago based street artist/muralist James Mosher has made a recognizable thumbprint across the globe with signature murals including locations such as Soho House, Big & Littles, Doejo, Intelligencia, Threadless, and the Mega Mall. His vivid comic book style painting has become an iconic part of the burgeoning Chicago mural scene, and recent years have brought him global - with work on display from New York to Greece.

The Florida transplant in the Midwest has partnered up with Gallery F in the past (a great organization representing Chicago artists) releasing popular collections including  “Dispo Facto” and “Beyond Your Means”

Mosher has also teamed up with us at occipark to bring you a release of ready-wear original artwork. The collection named “Mock Geometry” is available here: 



As a freelance artist, mosher often reminisces about how he started drawing and immersing himself in the world of art. Drawing and painting were therapeutic activities that helped him channel a wandering imagination into tangible creative outlets. The animals in his work derive from the stories he would read as a kid, and the symbolism is quite pervasive through his work. Most frequently we find his signature monkey drawn across murals and canvas, a character he’s been drawing since the beginning of his career.

There are lots of bright pinks, contrasted with cool hues in each canvas. Mosher utilizes smaller distinct color palettes, heavy with teals and purples that give his work a signiature look. The subject matter is typically comic book-esque in nature, equal parts silly and sincere. Mosher has even created an entire comic book series, which has inspired subsequent collections like “Dispo Facto”. 



In addition to a host of murals and events, Mosher has an upcoming solo show “CARE FREE BUT ANXIOUS” November 15th at the Field’s Lofts.