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Artist Koketit - Shiraz Barzilay

Drawing was Israeli artist Shira Barzilay‘s first love. Fashion, was her second. Her career as KOKETIT began as a graphic designer, turned illustrator, turned artist. Her unique point of view and ‘line drawings‘ signature style has been years in the making, finally arrived.

As the youngest student on record, at age 17 Shira became a fashion design student at the Shenkar institute of design in Tel Aviv, Israel. After graduation she worked as a freelance fashion illustrator first locally and gradually working for brands such as Roberto Cavalli and H&M.

A few years back, Shira founded the brand “KOKETIT”. It first served as an online shop for temporary tattoos designed by her, for those with commitment issues (such as herself). With time, the brand evolved into a mixed hub of product and service all encapsulating the signature hand and style of KOKETIT.

hrough out it all, Instagram has always been a constant and major tool in helping grow Koketit’s world. With over 100K followers, she is dedicated to post creative, exciting content to her feed, that is thought provoking and visually striking.