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Artist Spotlight - Mr. Tukie

Hudson Luthringshausen

If you are looking for the bright 23-year-old self-taught LA based artist who is quickly making his name in the world of pop art, then Hudson Luthringshausen is the name. Hudson is known for his awe-inspiring creativity. He likes to take famous design logos of brands and characters from TV and film and puts his own twist to it.

His Work

He doesn’t hold back when it comes to coming up with awe-inspiring pop art. He blends two or three different themes or characters together and wows the people with his creativity. His works like SuperManroe, which is a mash up of superman and Marilynn Monroe, or Kermit the frog with the Nike logo are some examples of his mash up themes. Besides sketching and painting, he also writes and is working on his first novel. He majored in English at college and learned art on his own through trial and error.
One thing that sets him apart from other artists of LA is his YouTube channel. With over 90,000 subscribers and counting, he has made quite a name for himself through his vlogs and other interesting content. These days he is heavily focusing on just his artwork and touring to promote it. His work is inspired by pop artists like Andy Warhol and he also uses a combination of poetry and offensive terms to inject that element of shock and awe.

Mr. Tukie

Hudson goes by the name Mr. Tukie as an alter ego and has a website by the same name, where he blogs about arts, museums and other events of interests in LA. His website discusses culture, humor, music and all lifestyle related things.

To follow this budding young artist, follow him here or head over to his Mr. Tukie website.


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