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Artist Spotlight - SeekOne


Read our interview with SeekOne HERE



Surrounded by Philadelphia art, skate and street culture, Seek One found his artist moniker by the young age of 15. The artist began developing his signature style while experimenting with graffiti techniques throughout his youth. His upbringing and original interest in street art is apparent in his works; Seek One blends photography and graffiti in a mixed media style deriving influence from iconic symbolism and pop culture. The significance behind each piece presents a unique form of authenticity.

Seek One’s artistic reach expanded after receiving his business and fine arts degree, strategizing the entrepreneurship elements of his business to take his art exposure to new heights. These days SeekOne focuses on the process of producing innovative fine art. Read more about him in our interview below where we catch up on travel, new projects, and more.


"As a contemporary artist, I aim to develop one-of-one pieces of fine art that bring iconic figures, vintage media and street style into one. My work stems from my background as a graffiti street artist and photographer while also depicting nostalgic influences from my childhood and world travels. Mixed with my obsession with popular culture and its influence on society; this drives me to channel that influence and incorporate it into my work. Blurring the lines between urban culture and fine art has established my unique style of art bringing iconic images and street style together. My goal is to develop timeless pieces of fine art that people of all ages can connect with.”