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Interview - Mr Flower Fantastic

A conversation with - Mr Flower Fantastic

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about the artist

New York-based artist Mr. Flower Fantastic blends floristry and sculpture to produce one of a kind pieces of pop art. Self-taught, MFF uses iconic cultural subject matter to create his floral masterpieces. With work recently commissioned by major organizations, including the US Open, NBA, and Jordan brand, MFF is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand artists in the field.

  mff - 2019

OCCI - How did you get into the art of Floristry?

MFF - Flowers have been a part of my life since I was a kid. Some of my earliest memories were being in my mother’s garden - if I had to pick someone who’s had the biggest influence on my path, it would be her. She passed her love of the natural world on to me, and I’m forever grateful to her for that.   

OCCI - We love the print drops. Such a creative way to engage with your fans. How did you hatch the idea for that?

MFF - One thing about my art is that it’s got a short shelf-life. It’s all in the moment. It’s not like I do a painting, hang it somewhere, and then people can come see it any time they want. My pieces live for only a few days. Many of the sculptures I make I give away, so the print drops are are a solution to helping a wider group of people be able to have a piece what I create, and a way to thank the people who support me on Instagram. That’s a platform that’s been so good to me, and so the idea hatched from brainstorming ways I could pay back some of the love I’ve gotten from the IG community.

OCCI - Do you have a favorite destination to to view flowers? International or within the US? 

MFF - Honestly, there’s a lot to be said for keeping it local. And by that I mean, sometimes I just head to the flower markets to see what they’ve got. I always find something new.

OCCI - You’ve worked with Jordan, Nike, NBA and some of the sports most legendary icons. What sports did you love growing up? Did you play any?

MFF - Basketball has always been a love of mine. Growing up in Queens it’s hard not to get hooked into ball. I also got really hooked into skating and bmx as well. 

OCCI - Are you a New York Sports fan through and through? 

MFF - Knicks and Yankees ‘til I die. Right now I’m bummed about The Draft, ha. 


OCCI - Favorite basketball sneaker growing up? 

MFF - It’s so hard to pick a favorite and this is definitely a question I get asked - maybe I need to just settle on an answer. I guess if you forced me to choose, I’d go with the Air Jordan 1. That’s the very first sneaker sculpture I ever posted to my Instagram, and so in a way you can say it’s the shoe that changed my life. And I think there’s a reason I went with creating that one first - it’s the shoe that started it all.

OCCI - Any other large scale flower installations in the works you can let readers know about?  

MFF - It’s fair to say the next six months are going to be next level.  I’d encourage readers to find me on Instagram and check on there for updates and announcements. 


OCCI - What’s one item you never go to the studio without?

MFF - I’m allergic to flower pollen so my gloves and mask are essential.  They aren’t some sort of corny branding thing. I really need them to be able to see and breathe properly when I’m working in the studio. Music is just as important through. It’s all bout the vibe. I have a Numark  set up in my studio just incase any of my DJ friends come by