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Interview - Lefty Out There

Interview - Lefty Out There-occi-park

A conversation with - LEFTY OUT THERE

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OCCI - It’s an impressive amount of surfaces you’ve branded with your lines. If you could pick one object across the globe to put the mark on – what would it be?
LEFTY - I have left my mark on practically everything whether I am allowed to or not. I have set a personal goal of tagging all 7 continents, specifically on a glacier in Antartica. I’m not sure exactly how this can be executed without pissing off sensitive environmentalists but Im working on it.
OCCI - What continents do you have left to leave your mark? 
LEFTY - Antartica, South America, and Africa. 
OCCI - I saw you were volumetric captured in 3d – will we see some video game character action in the future?
LEFTY - I sure hope! One of my favorite games as a kid were the Tony Hawk and Grand Theft Auto series. Take those two and insert graffiti and I think we just landed on Rockstar’s next big thing. But seriously, my recent 3D scans and motion tracking will come together for a few projects that will live in the AR world. The team is insanely talented and I feel honored to be participating in something that will be the first of its kind. Super excited for the outcome! 
OCCI - One of our favorite staples of your portfolio are the Stillz collaborations at rolling loud each year. How did that collab come to fruition? 
LEFTY - That collaboration started when a mutual friend invited him to come shoot me at my Studio in Chicago.  We instantly clicked and knew there was potential for us to work together.  Stillz was persistent and eager which definitely helped drive the collab at first.   After completing a few pieces we showed it to the festival owners and they loved it! Stillz and I have created work for 4 Rolling Louds and are excited for number 5 to take place in Miami- May 2019. 
OCCI - What are two songs currently on your playlist for painting? 
LEFTY - Techno is my fuel when Im in the studio. I have massive speaker in both my Chi and La studios that are adequate for most small venues.  So basically my neighbors love me LOL. I use the consistent pounding beats like a metronome when painting.  I put together my 100 favorite techno tracks into a playlist on Spotify titled “Out There”. Here’s the link.  
OCCI - Which are you more looking forward to this year: Collaborations or Lefty Originals.
LEFTY - I love collaborating but LEFTY originals are my main focus for the upcoming months. Fortunately most of my work is created on a commission bases.  Although this is great business wise it hinders the opportunity for me to experiment and flex certain creative concepts. So I am taking my sparing free time to create what makes me happy - striving to create detailed larger works. 
OCCI - What's in store for 2019, & any live installations or events planned that fans can come see you paint?
LEFTY - Yes tons! Rolling Loud Miami, Ron Robinson LA, Chicago Bulls 3.27, Murals in Vegas, LA, Chicago, NY


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