bringing your vision to life


During design phase:

[Discuss the project vision]
[Outline visual resources [including still & motion picture needed for comparison]
[Plan site visits if necessary depending on project size & budget] 

The model begins to be put together in a simple form. We focus on outlining what functions are required for the proposal & make sure the user is able to perform the tasks in world. We try in most cases to leave our second call with an estimated timeline based on size and scope.

standard = [2 - 30 minute phone calls] 


During Prototyping:
we add you to our client Slack Channel for back and forth communication on testing the application to make sure it matches the specifications required, with a low resolution graphic look. If the client is satisfied with the functionality and features it's time to finalize. 


Finalizing is the process of putting in the final high resolution graphics, special effects, lighting and anything else required to make the application look polished. We make sure the entire application is turn-key for ease of use and then push out our release, hosted on Virtuoso's Amazon Servers.  


The application development is now finished and ready to hit the show floor. We take this time to monitor any feedback from the client and adjust the application for a short period to match any urgent needs and make sure the performance is exceptional. All projects built with the OCCI x Virtuoso Team are available through our website's database, and hosted on Virtuoso servers.

Start showcasing your exhibit or selling your products virtually.

Each project depending on size & scope can vary timelines. Reach out to schedule a demo or inquire about your project needs.