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Mr Flower Fantastic

New York-based artist Mr. Flower Fantastic blends floristry and sculpture to produce one of a kind pieces of pop art. Self-taught, MFF uses iconic cultural subject matter to create his floral masterpieces. With work recently commissioned by major organizations, including the US Open, NBA, and Jordan brand, MFF is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand artists in the field.

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Jason Pulgarin

Born in 1990 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and currently based in Los Angeles, Jason Pulgarin is known for his brightly colored and highly stylized figurative works on paper, but is also deeply rooted in the graffiti and mural subculture. Drawing inspiration from cartoons, fashion, graffiti, and street culture, Pulgarin’s work demonstrates the ever more porous boundaries between the traditional art world and these other disciplines and influences.

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Surrounded by Philadelphia art, skate and street culture, Seek One found his artist moniker by the young age of 15. The artist began developing his signature style while experimenting with graffiti techniques throughout his youth. His upbringing and original interest in street art is apparent in his works; Seek One blends photography and graffiti in a mixed media style deriving influence from iconic symbolism and pop culture. The significance behind each piece presents a unique form of authenticity.