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Daniel Arsham - Hollow Figure

$2,150.00 USD

Other :
Condition: Excellent
Purchased from : Artist 2018
Provenance : Hollow Figure is the first Limited Edition artwork based on Daniel Arsham's "Architectural Anomaly" Series. Hollow Figure gives the appearance of a figure shrouded in fabric, revealed to be empty when seen from behind.
Certificate of Authenticity : Arsham Studio



First in the Limited Edition art work based on the "'Architectural Anomaly' series

Opaque White Resin

Holographic label verifying it's edition number and authenticity

Edition of 500

Large scale versions of these works have been exhibited globally at Museums such as The Fabric Workshop Museum in Philidelphia (2012). Carre D'Art de Nimes, France (2009), and Museu Oi Future Rio de Jainero, Brazil (2017