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Rachel T Harris

“I had a very spiritual and theological upbringing. That’s basically a huge part of my work. My stuff is urban, but a lot of it is a combination of impressionism.

Prz grew up in Logan Square during the 1990s — a time where street gangs took on heinous acts to mark their drug turf and life was a sure fire ring of survival. Working to provide for his family, which included up to seven people living in their house at once, his father hustled in the streets and eventually wound up behind bars — becoming absent for nearly 15 years of his life.
CZR PRZ (Caesar Perez) now a Chicago native, has made marks in the street art community for the last two decades. By trade he is a painter, illustrator, designer and an installation artist who is known popularly for his large-scale public art and murals. He also does corporate projects for many companies and also runs a design and productions studio called Ava Grey designs.

This is Addictive 

Pizza in the Rain. PizzaInTheRain (or PITR) is a self-taught, Chicago based artist who revels in collaborating with other artists and working on intensive annual projects, most of which involve putting up multiple pieces of unsanctioned figurative work on walls across Chicago, the US and overseas.

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