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Chicago Artists

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Czr Prz 

Prz grew up in Logan Square during the 1990s — Now a Chicago native, CZR PRZ has made marks in the street art community for the last two decades. By trade he is a painter, illustrator, designer and an installation artist who is known popularly for his large-scale public art and murals.

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Pizza In the Rain

Pizza in the Rain. PizzaInTheRain (or PITR) is a self-taught, Chicago based artist who revels in collaborating with other artists and working on intensive annual projects, most of which involve putting up multiple pieces of unsanctioned figurative work on walls across Chicago, the US and overseas.

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Lefty Out there 

Micro design spectacles become compositional elements of a much larger artwork, Lefty's ability to paint each portion in context of the whole is what commands attention. And why he's made his dent in some of the most elite collecting circles. Known for his signature intricate line work, Lefty's abstract shapes & lines resonate much like a Haring artwork – guided by simple free flowing non-linear designs that allow you to craft your own narrative in the negative space.

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Paul Branton

Born and raised in the Southside of Chicago, he is not your average contemporary artist, with a education in fine art and a background in poetry and film, Paul’s skillset is a diverse one. Growing up Paul's playgrounds were abandoned buildings and concrete lots, finding natural beauty in Chicago's industrial aesthetics at a young age. Today he uses bold saturated colors to convey meaningful messages and produce beautiful artworks that hang in private collections across the country.

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CJ Hungerman

Born in Pittsburgh and based in Chicago, Hungerman's rise through the emerging art world has been laden with challenges, successes, and a surplus of interesting stories. From jumping into the art market during the collapse of the economy while battling drinking problems, to gaining recognition in the field and starting a family, there are page-turning chapters to CJ’s book.

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Kalan Strauss

Originally from LA, Kalan's unique upbringing through Hollywood & the abstract entertainment industry has an apparent influence in his style and perception of subject matter. A few of his recurring motifs include focusing on the dynamics of the American dream, advertising in art, and a meticulous use of colors and shapes that garner attention from distance. Creating stunningly immersive false realities, Kalan provides deeply complex & whimsical escapes for his audience.

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Mosher Show 

Chicago based street artist/muralist James Mosher has made a recognizable thumbprint across the globe with signature murals including locations such as Soho House, Big & Littles, Doejo, Intelligencia, Threadless, and the Mega Mall. His vivid comic book style painting has become an iconic part of the burgeoning Chicago mural scene, and recent years have brought him global - with work on display from New York to Greece.

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