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Distinctive and Inspired Artist Clothing 

Flipping through Occi Art Supply Co.’s 2019 Lookbook, it quickly becomes apparent that something special is on the horizon for the city of Los Angeles’ community of generational artist talent. 

With a an artist-first focus and a stripped-down aesthetic inspired by Dutch design, Occi has put together a catalogue of artist clothing featuring limited run releases of ready-wear studio fashion. Currently, they Los Angeles-based startup is focusing on a basics collection that effectively doubles the thread count of its contemporaries while ensuring that the eyes of passersby are trained on both artist and subject alike.

Art Clothing for L.A. Creatives

Artists in Los Angeles are intimately familiar with the challenge of getting noticed. Fashion and art are irreversibly intertwined, but simply standing out isn’t enough to express their message to an audience that barely has time to put down their phones.

Occi’s art clothing is minimal, yet innovative. Attention is granted to the most minute details that elevate a clothing line from alluring to essential. Much like the artwork being produced by creatives in Occi’s collective, it’s the little things that other suppliers aren’t bothering to make a commitment to that allow Occi to differentiate itself. As a result, their first line of lovingly crafted basics is anything but basic.

Occi Basics: One For All

The artist clothing in Occi’s first line of basics is acutely non-specific. With an array of unisex  garbs devoted to serving the needs of any artist, the Occi basics collection encourages artists to express their creative will and channel artistic visions into material reproductions. Some of the standouts from the 2019 Lookbook include:

  • Occi Studio Tee: featuring a sueded jersey combed ringspun cotton/poly blend that gives it a soft, velvety feel, these lightweight tees take the basic concept one step further by incorporating a mid-torso embroidery to set it apart.

  • Occi Work Shirt: one of the most versatile offerings in the 2019 Lookbook features a reinforced cotton threadway to keep it crisp through marathon sessions. Perfect for the studio and the gallery, the work shirt’s discreet buttons and clean lines lend a sense of authority to the artist.

  • Occi Studio Hoodie: the perfect everyday accompaniment for mellow days in the studio. Soft to the touch, eye-catching colorways, and fitted in all the right places, this thoughtfully designed hoodie has put the cozy game on watch.

Artist Representation > Everything

The minds behind Occi are steadfast in their commitment to growing organically within the Los Angeles arts community. As one browses “The Park,” Occi’s online publication covering emerging artists like Thrush Holmes, Cleon Peterson, Rachel T Harris, and Maison Raksha, any questions about Occi’s intent quickly dissolve to reveal a stark dichotomy between plebeian interest and earnest obsession. Occi embraces the latter, skillfully utilizing their platform to grow artist recognition through careful and accurate representation. Once Occi Immersive is formally launched, artists will have the opportunity to connect with an unprecedented audience like never before.

Occi supports emerging and mid-career artists in Los Angeles. To learn more about their art clothing collection, check out the 2019 Lookbook. Want to scoop a limited edition piece today? Through the Month of February a portion of profits will be donated to the LA Unified School District Art Programs. Shop artist clothing here.