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Tiago Magro

Tiago Magro

Tiago Magro is a mixed media artist born in Brazil with a work that exudes 80’s and 90’s influence whilst captivating a modern palette and refreshing energy.

His work transforms the urban environments of New York, Miami and Brazil, using varied materials (including stencils, spray paint, epoxies, varnishes and newspapers) to convey love and passion for life.

His work

He realized he wanted to be an artist for the rest of his life when he started creating art pieces outside the realm of street art. It was a calling that spoke to him whenever he picked up a paintbrush or a can. His work is primarily bright with uplifting messages and shimmers of hope, all while dawning its street punk clad aesthetic. 

As a Brazilian artist, he has forged a path in his street art and graffiti community with a signature style and objectively incredible talent. But lately his impact has become much more global. One of his more memorable works was his solo exhibition 'Love is simple’, showcasing art pieces with the unifying message of love and how simple and easy it is. At this event it was reported that Rosario Dawson and real-estate developer Arnie Rosenshein had a friendly tussle over a painting titled “Today I Haven’t Done Anything,”. 


“I love the emotion of being able to relate to each of my pieces and each piece is ultimately a part of me. I want my art to express and reflect who I really am. In most of my work I use mixed media and experiment with different elements along with color but being Brazilian does play a major part in each stroke given, understanding, living, loving and learning from art. It expresses who I am. It’s my soul. My ultimate goal is to inspire, to have individuals want to feel superior about themselves and contribute to having them follow their dreams… I don’t do art I live art.”

-Tiago Magro