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Artist Spotlight - Mary Weatherford

Mary Weatherford has remained an extremely active artist throughout her life. She was a Helena Rubinstein Fellow of the Whitney Independent Study Program back in 1985. As a professional artist, Mary Weatherford has developed her forte as a unique painter and visual artist that transfuses nature into their works based on the organic aesthetic that they witness from their naked eye.
What allows Mary Weatherford’s works to standout among the clutters of other inventive productions is her consummate usage of daring, bold and bright colors that add a dramatic effect to the nature’s representation, allowing us to see the world from Weatherford’s vision.
“The Bakersfield Project,” Todd Madigan Gallery, Bakersfield was one of her initial works that caught the glistening rays of spotlight, allowing her work to become renowned amongst artist in the world, crowning her with a highly esteemed reputation. The project demonstrated Mary Weatherford’s raw instincts and pure vision of the world around her, capturing the Californian landscapes in abstract form. What made this project the raving rage of the era was Weatherford’s clever usage of ordinary canvas paints with dull colors and texture along with the brilliantly glowing and reflective strokes of neon.
Her neon works integrated into her portfolio, developing her identity as an artist and soon enough, became her niche as she followed with yet another collection of careful and cautious consolidation of ultra-light blue and subtle orange paints that were separated by straight strokes of neon red, dominating the picture of the landscape.  
Mary Weatherford initially focused on defining the world through her lens as she tackled the natural wild and urban imagery in her worlds, mainly highlighting sky, caves and tangled vegetation. Among these initial works were her projects such as “Easter”, Debs & Co, New York in 2000 and “The Cave,” Brennan & Griffin, New York in 2010. Although these works were remarkable and caught the attention of art aficionados, they were not as impactful, invigorating and dramatic as were the works that followed up further in her career when her colors became more courageous and expressive, her works more reflective and her imagery more evocative.
Such works include some of the most sought after collections such as “The Forever Now,” Museum of Modern Art, New York in 2014; “Los Angeles,” David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles in 2014; “NO MAN’S LAND: Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection,”  Miami in2015; and “Unpacking,” the Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles.
Mary Weatherford is resides in Los Angeles and continues to rejuvenate her thought, feelings and visuals through her artistic expression.