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Rachel Harris is an abstract expressionist based in Los Angeles. The graduate of FIDM and the California College of the Arts might only be in her mid 20's, but her curriculum vitae includes a number of impressive benchmarks including: Art Basel Installations, Features in Play Boy, as well as amassing a large audience of collectors. rachel-t-harris-in-studio-article

She's self described her work as visually vibrant and boast experiments through creative will, using divergent and outrageous colors to depict a soul’s journey of self-exploration rachel t harris painting We were first introduced to Rachel's larger canvas works, which often incorporate non-traditional construction-esque materials - diving into the texture and color to bring out the emotions of the canvas  Easily one of the most unique installments of 2018 was The Rachel T Harris Paint Party A social + creative event that, for a day, was a live art installation paint party for  some of the brightest up & coming talents in Los Angeles. rachel-t-harris-paint-party-flume Pictured: (Flume/Rachel T Harris) An honest display of creative freedom showcasing continuous music performances, dancing, live art installations and a multitude of devices in which to spray paint & create expressive works.Tapping out at roughly 25 local artists & over 300 + people painting 3,000 square feet. You can watch the full recap of the #RTH Paint Party below.

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Rachel T Harris Paint Party Event OCCI PARK

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