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Kirkland Signature Sweaters

Costco Clothing is actually quite the enigma. They remain one of the nations top manufacturers of a number of garments (insert numbers here). And funny enough they've made their way into the conversation of mainstream culture. Albeit somewhat ironically.

My first introduction into the lore of the Kirkland Signature clothing was boosted in 2016 when John Mayer and Versace Tamagatchi (Jack Wagner, host of Pod Cast Yeah But still) played into the ever growing "hype" culture of shoes. Stock X was just coming onto the scene in a major way, and their bit was wearing "Kirkland Signature 11's" and acting as if they were the latest drop or release. John even ended up wearing these on stage for several shows. They dubbed themselves the "Kirk Boys". 


The "Kirk Boy" mantra has seemed to resurface 

The most recent release from design group Windmills (link) is the bootleg "Kirkboys" hooded sweatshirt. Released in both gray and black, the 450 GSM garment features a drop shoulder oversized silhouette and custom embroidery on the cuff. The garment went viral on Reddit selling out in the first couple hours but the design group will make made-to-order sweaters if you contact their instagram here

Costco Sweater Reddit

Release during the Pandemic the design duo had to opt for Covid-friendly models. 3d low-bit digital models made by "Fucked Up In The Crib Making Fits"