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Artist - Alec Monopoly


Alec Monopoly is located in the urban-centric, warm and welcoming chambers of Hollywood’s sweetheart, Los Angeles. The social restrictions of the New York City and the prejudices against abstract, street art compelled him to make this move and perhaps it was in the best of his favors since he was embraced with love, affection and admiration in the city, allowing his art to flourish and thrive.

Alec Monopoly has ventured into different parts of the world, experimenting with art supplies such as newspapers, epoxies, stencils, varnishes and spray paint. His globetrotting experiences allows his art to induce diversity, giving his graffiti art a much more authentic meaning.

Monopoly inherited his penname from one of his most successful works which comprises of a top-hatted, tuxedoed graffiti character of Monopoly Man, whom Alec breathed life into. Thereafter, Alec Andon adopted his professional name after his own creation and became widely and professionally known as Alec Monopoly.


Alec Monopoly’s graffiti art work has gained popularity for not just its clever juxtaposition of strong, contrasting colors and complicated utensils but also, because of the main elements of his art that formulate one subject matter that everyone struggles with; formulating a universal identity. It is because of bringing together the diversity in the world, specifically in America, through his graffiti art and characters he has been successful in delivering a universal message of unity and oneness that any and every onlooker can identify with.

Alec Monopoly debuted as a recognized artist back in the November of 2010 as he displayed his first, single gallery exhibition in New York City. Reaching the end of the year, he participated in the Mondrian Hotel’s exhibition as well.

However, graffiti art is looked down upon as an act of crime due to its vandalistic nature. To protect his work from defame and bringing dismay to the society, he makes sure to conform to the laws and only executes the creativity of his mind through graffiti on abandoned buildings or warehouses. This is because he makes sure to prevent vandalizing any federal property in any way possible whether it is a governmental owned entity as trivial as a mail box or as massive highway.

 As of late, Alec Monopoly is the brand ambassador of Swiss Watchmaker TAG Heuer. The artist displayed his unparalleled mastery of graffiti art by producing a live mural on the red carpet during the premier of Justin Bieber’s Believe movie. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg and etc., have bought Monopoly’s work which brings him a great sense of achievement and motivation.