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Industrial Overcoat

industrial overcoat

Monochromatic looks, steel statement accessories and hand painted elements. The dichotomy of the overcoat encourages abstract blending of traditional hues, and highlights timeless shades in new design. Each overcoat starts as blank canvas and is handmade. 

At the cross roads of industrial-neo fashion & abstract fine art - this hyper limited collection of overcoats were hand-crafted in collaboration with Rachel T Harris. The overcoat is an exciting drop for collectors, uniquely both an asset class art piece & a distinct statement of fashion.

Each piece designed in Rachel's signature oeuvre and manufactured by hand by our team here in Los Angeles. In celebration of the release the overcoat was debuted exclusively at Frieze Los Angeles prior to sale. 

Each overcoat comes paired with a signed certificate of authenticity. 



    First the blank canvas is stretched and treated. An ink dye color wash is patterned to the canvas. 


    A second hand painted application creates new color-ways and designs envisioned by the artist.

    /CUT & SEW

    Garment is cut to proprietary patterns adding satin lining, reinforced back, and steel carabiners cut to align the spine.

    The pattern features abstract color ink washes, hand painted element, satin interior with a reinforced back and corresponding steel carabiners to align the spine. 

    Reminiscent of a 032C x Sterling Ruby studio aesthetic garment. 


    Rachel creates textured, large-scale pieces using raw materials, evoking elements of spontaneity and industrialism. 

    - Art Basel Featured Artist  
    - Globally Collected Artist  
    - Creator of the RTH Paint Party 
    - FIDM Honorary Graduate  
    - Playboy Playmate of the Month 

    Each overcoat comes paired with a signed certificate of authenticity. 

    rachel t harris certificate of authenticity overcoat