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Interview - SeekOne


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OCCI - What does a typical day in the life of SeekOne look like? And what’s one studio necessity you need at your bench?

SeekOne Typically I will be around nyc, philly or in the studio. I am in the studio a majority of the time working on new art and commissions. A studio necessity would always be spray paint for me.


OCCI - Being influenced by street art growing up, what street artists in particular were a big influence for you?

SeekOne I have a lot of influence from just seeing street art in the city. I skateboarded a lot growing up and was around a lot of graffiti so that naturally had a big impact. Some specific artist who have influenced me would be Shepard Fairy, Andy Warhol, Retna, Alec Monopoly, Russel Young, Kenny Scharf just to name a few… I could go all day. I admire so many styles of art it’s hard to have just a few influences.  


OCCI - Recently you’ve been all over the East Coast, NY, Philly and my hometown of South Florida. Do you have a favorite city to work in & where do you feel most creative? 

SeekOne I gather a lot of inspiration from traveling. I find its easiest to digest everything once I’m back home at my studio in Philly. This is where all my work is produced. In the coming years I’d like to have a second studio in south Florida.


OCCI - I know you’ve done some global travels as well, favorite city world-wide to draw inspiration from?

SeekOne My favorite cities in Europe are probably Rome or Barcelona. I lived in Rome for a while so I have an attachment to being there. I’ve also been to Barcelona multiple times, I really love the Spanish culture and hospitality. I was also in Dubai last August and really enjoyed that as well. Seeing the different types of art around the world is really the greatest inspiration.


OCCI - It’s been cool to watch your style, mediums, and complexities progress over time. Where do you see SeekOne works progressing in 2019?

SeekOne I’m really focusing on making the best mixed media pieces possible. I take a lot of time working on the craftsmanship as well as new content. I’ve found maintaining consistency is the best way to get recognized these days. I feel like I’ve finally developed my own style and now I’m focusing on perfecting it.


OCCI - I love the Custom Dom P bottle‘s you’ve been creating - what’s the most interesting object someone’s commissioned you to paint on?  

SeekOneOne client of mine is a big wine connoisseur, he was in France and sent me the largest bottle of champagne produced in the world. It came in this giant wood crate and was the equivalent of like 100 regular bottles of champagne in one. I forget the exact specifics, but he had me paint this massive bottle for his wife’s birthday. That was definitely an interesting experience.  


OCCI - What musical act throughout history would you most want to have a drink with?

SeekOne Led Zepplin 


OCCI If you could pick any superpower what would it be?

SeekOne – Teleport so I don’t have to pay for flights.